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All you need to know about Breast Reduction

If you were asked to predict the outcome of breast adjustment processes, you should know that breast reduction is, by far, a more successful breast surgery procedure. It also happens to be the most requested breast adjustment surgery. Breast reduction Surgery is so commonly requested perhaps because women find little or no other effective solution for heavy breasts, yet it causes them a lot of physical and psychological strain. Non surgical solutions do little to alleviate the problem.

The medical term for large breasts is macromastia. When such breasts lead to aches and pains or other related physical complications, they are referred to as symptomatic macromastia. Large heavy breasts are often responsible for a myriad of health problems which women experience. For instance, heavy breasts can lead to obesity in women. Women with heavy breasts find it difficult to engage in physical exercise. Macromastia manifests in various ways including back pains, shoulder pains, chest wall pains, tingling hands and numbness. It can get more complicated where the affected victims could begin to suffer from insomnia, short breath and rushes on sections of the breast.


Diagnosis of Heavy Breast Conditions

The positive aspect of this condition is that it is much easier to diagnose. Although the above symptoms are common among various other ailments including migraine, arthritis, apnea and thoracic outlet syndrome, an experienced doctor should b able to diagnose heavy breast condition without much strain. Effectiveness of Non Surgical Procedures

Anti inflammatory medications are often used to offer relief to patients with mild heavy breast symptoms. Other therapies offered include chiropractic procedure, massage, heat packs and physiotherapy. Although these are legitimate procedures that have yielded results for some victims of heavy breast conditions, the majority of women do not get a long term solution from these methods of treatment. The failures of non surgical procedures are available in authentic surgical practice sources of medical literature.

The alternative options the women with heavy breast conditions have often run for is the use of bras to hoist the oversize mammaries. The problem with using bras to try and alleviate the condition is that bras often lead to other complications. Bras often lead to chest wall, neck and shoulder problems.

One may also wonder why exercise does not resolve the heavy breast problem. Whereas physical exercise is always a good option to resolve or mitigate many health complications and conditions, it does not work for heavy breast victims because the enlargement of breasts is a permanent change which is not about accumulation of fatty tissue alone. Gravity contributes to the drooping of breasts. The breast skin increases in volume and it’s heavy. It contributes significantly to the total breast weight.

Given these circumstances therefore, it is clear that breast reduction surgery is the best solution for women suffering from heavy breast condition. The reason for this resolve is that the procedure attacks the source of the problem directly. Some of the documented benefits of breast reduction therapy include pain relief, better skeletal stability, enhanced lung function, better physical functioning and sound sleep.